3 Home Improvement Projects for the Summer

3 Home Improvement Projects for the Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching and there is no better time to take on a few home improvement projects to prepare your home for what the season may bring. Preparing your home for harsh summer storms should always be a priority, and there are even some ways that you can help improve the energy efficiency of your home and cut down your electricity usage. The warm weather can provide the perfect environment for a wide array of both outdoor and indoor home improvement projects that can either enhance or refresh your home.  

If you are plan on taking steps to rejuvenate or reinforce your home this summer, be sure to give the home improvement professionals at Fessler Home Improvement a call to see how they can help with your next home improvement project!

Install Storm Doors 

We all know just how unforgiving summer storms can be. Unrelenting rain and howling winds can combine to put anyone’s home through the ringer. A way to help protect your home from a particularly nasty visit from Mother Nature is to install storm doors. There is simply no better way to defend your door from the wind, rain and humidity of summer storms than a well-made storm door. These doors will also increase your home’s energy efficiency by not letting cool air produced by your air conditioning unit escape. The decision to go with storm doors no longer means sacrificing style, as there a wide variety of more fashionable options from which to choose.

Paint a Room

Bucket of Yellow PaintWhile it may seem very exciting, simply painting a room can completely bring the space back to life. You can totally change the feel of a room by drastically changing the color or going with a pattern. Play around with your options and decide if you would like to make the room warm and open or more intimate and cozy. Even a subtle change in color can change the entire dynamic of the room and inspire to add to it in other ways. This is also a great project for those who aren’t exactly thrilled by the prospect of working outside in the demanding heat. 

Explore Energy Efficient Window Options

As if your air conditioning system isn’t working hard enough, there’s a chance your windows could be letting that precious cool air escape your home. A spike in the power bill can be attributed to a few factors, but you should inspect your windows to make sure they aren’t contributing to the problem. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to energy efficient windows that are specifically designed to help keep either the cool air during the summer or the heat in the colder months inside your home where it belongs. 

While the summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the sunshine, it is also an ideal period to tackle some home improvement projects. We at Fessler Home Improvement can help with any project you can dream up. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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