3 Vinyl Siding Myths – Demystified!

3 Vinyl Siding Myths – Demystified!


When working on your home, you may come across the decision to change the siding on your home. Whether you do not like the current style or you are simply looking to make a change, vinyl siding can accomplish all of your siding needs. However, many homeowners have heard a plethora of myths about vinyl siding. Thankfully, Fessler Home Improvement is here to provide you with the truth about vinyl siding on your Middle Tennessee home.

Few Design Choices

There once was a time when vinyl siding offered homeowners very few design and appearance choices. However, that time period is long gone. Today, homeowners in Murfreesboro, TN and across the country have access to a multitude of colors, designs, appearances, accessories, accents and so much more with their vinyl siding. If you want a modern look or a quaint feel for the exterior of your home, vinyl siding can make it happen.

Not Durable

In comparison to other siding options for homeowners, vinyl siding is unfairly known as a poor option when it comes to durability. In reality, this assumption is quite false. Vinyl siding, if properly maintained and taken care of, can last between 20-40 years. This is a fantastic value for homeowners. Did you know that vinyl siding can withstand extremely high winds during a storm? If you’re looking for a durable and sturdy siding option for your home, vinyl siding may be the best choice for you.

Low Quality and Invaluable

Along with the rumor that vinyl siding is not durable, another myth is that vinyl siding reflects an image of low quality. In fact, this is simply untrue. In an attempt to improve the overall value of their home, many homeowners actually replace their current siding with a visually appealing style of vinyl siding. When moving and selling your home, you want to have the best market value possible. Using vinyl siding on your home can help you increase the overall price and therefore value of your Middle Tennessee home.

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