4 Common Middle Tennessee Roofing Problems

4 Common Middle Tennessee Roofing Problems

middle-tn-roofing-fessler-home-improvementYour roof protects your home, your family, your belongings and more. Unfortunately, roofs are prone to a variety of problems that trouble homeowners in the long run if not taken care of immediately or properly. Make sure these 4 common roofing problems don’t happen to your Middle Tennessee home or business property.

Gutter Clogs

Clogged gutters are one of the top causes of roof damage. When gutters become overly clogged, the roof area around the product begins to grow mold and eventually lead to leaks that can travel inside the home as well. Be sure to eliminate any leaves, twigs, branches, or even tiny critters that may be clogging your gutter system.

Missing Shingles

If your roof was installed improperly or was the recipient of wind damage, there could be shingles missing all over your roof. Although it may seem like a minor issue, a missing shingle could lead to a multitude of problems for Middle Tennessee homeowners. From rotting to holes to leaks, a missing shingle would be only the start of your troubles. Without a shingle in place to shield your home from the elements, your home is at risk for damage.

Storm Damage

In Middle Tennessee, we experience our fair share of storms to say the least. Unfortunately, these storms cause substantial harm to homes across the area. From roofs torn completely off to simple holes caused by hail or wind, our homes are the target for these storms. However, a problem arises when storm damage either goes unnoticed or is ignored. The rule of thumb with roofing is to fix the problem as soon as possible. Even the smallest of roofing issues can turn into a gigantic problem as time goes on!

Poor Installation Methods

If your roof was installed poorly from the get-go, you are at risk for so many roofing problems. From faulty shingle placement to improper nail alignment, these minor details can result in large-scale issues for homeowners in the long run. Your best bet is to always choose a roofing company that can meet your needs, provide a quality roofing installation and at an affordable price. Luckily for Middle Tennessee homeowners, Fessler Home Improvement can do all of that and much, much more.

Give our team of roofing professionals a call today to schedule your free roof inspection and estimate. Whether you believe your roof has previous storm damage or that another company provided a faulty installation, our fair and honest roofing practices will put your mind at ease.

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