How to Tell If You Need a New Roof

How to Tell If You Need a New Roof

cap-300x205According to The National Roofing Contractors Association, you should complete a roof inspection at least twice a year.  The best place to begin is inside your house. Start by finding your flashlight and taking a look around your attic.

Here are a few things to look for on the inside:

a) Sagging roof deck

b) Signs of water damage

c) Dark spots

d) Outside light showing through the roof.

Check the Exterior of Your Home

When you look at the exterior of the roof, make sure to identify harmful factors such as damaged flashing, missing shingles, blistering, buckling, and rotting.

  • Look  for loose material or wear around chimneys and vents.
  • Watch out for an excessive amount of shingle granules ) in the gutters — this is a sign of excessive wear and tear
  • Check for signs of moisture, rot or mold. Note that wet spots may not be directly under your faulty shingle; water can travel down to its lowest spot before it drips. Mold, fungi and bacteria can grow quickly — within 24 to 48 hours of a water-related problem.
  • Examine the drainage, and make sure gutters and downspouts are securely attached. Also ensure all drains are open and allow water to exit, and all gutters and downspouts are free of debris.
  • Check that all bath, kitchen and dryer vents go entirely outside of your home, not just into the attic space.

What’s the roof made of?

The NRCA says determining when you need a new roof also depends on roofing material as well as the part of the country in which you live. With that in mind, they offers these tips on the following roofing materials:

  • Cedar: A cedar roof in need of repair or replacement will split and fall apart in dry climates. In moist climates, it will get mossy. The lifespan of a cedar roof is about 20 years.
  • Tile: “Look for broken or cracked tiles,” Bennett says, “but don’t walk on the roof to do so or the tiles will break. Tile roofs can last up to 100 years, but individual tiles can break. They can be replaced, but only by a specialist.”
  • Concrete: should never need replacing

If you have a roof with wooden shakes, you should also watch out for damage from termites, carpenter ants and/or other wood-boring pests.

Check the simplest solutions first

If your roof has water damage, don’t jump the gun and assume you need to start all over with a brand new roof. If your roof was properly installed and is less than than 15 to 20 years old, it can often be repaired rather than replaced.

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