Identifying Roof Hail Damage

Identifying Roof Hail Damage

hail-dmaage-300x225When people think of hail damage,  their first thoughts tend to be about what they’ve seen happen to cars. Broken windshields, dented hoods, and trunks immediately come to mind, which can basically total a vehicle as far as resale value is concerned. The damages are usually obviously and simple to identify and assess. Please who have spent any time in the Middle Tennessee area know that cars and trucks are not the only things to be concerned about. Residential roofs are also a reason for worry. With Nashville Roofing, the problems can be more difficult to detect in many cases, and there is a wider range of factors as to whether something is repairable or not.

Nashville Roofing Materials

Roofing comes in a variety of materials, from cedar shakes to traditional asphalt. Every material has its pros and cons and supporters and detractors. Some home owners make a decision based on appearance, but a balance between price and reliability is the prevailing set of factors for the average owner. The most common materials used by  roofing contractors are asphalt shingles and  metal roofing. Premium quality versions of either material are highly resistant (there are no hail-proof materials) to hail damage and score well on ASTM ratings. The American Society of Testing and Materials, puts out the official standards for hail resistance.


Destruction from a storm is as random as the lottery!  Your neighbors across the street may see very little or no hail damage from the same storm that wreaks havoc on your side of the street. Even on a single structure, damage on one side of the building can be minimal while the other side gets totally destroyed. As a general rule of thumb, surfaces that receive “direct hits,” like a flat horizontal surface or the top ridge of a roof, will suffer more than those surfaces that are struck on an angle. In other words, the greater angle, of the roof the less damage is likely to be caused. Older or more weathered  roofs are likely to sustain damage than newer ones, but even here there can be huge contrasts from one side of a roof to the other. Generally, southern exposures see more deterioration from sunlight than other sides.


Some roof damage is very easy to determine without even getting up on the roof. Broken pieces of shingles may be laying on the ground or visible on the roof. If you climb up a ladder even more problems will become evident. You may see places where hailstones have actually punctured a surface.

Some of the worst damage, however, can be invisible to the untrained eye. A professional roofer will be able to easily identify problematic spots, as you are able to notice shingle pieces on the ground. More importantly, a Nashville roofing contractor can show you where later problems may occur as a result of hail storm damage. You will certainly attain greater peace-of-mind by calling Fessler Home Improvement at 615-217-4907 and make sure your roof is up to par!

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