Understanding the Elements – Protecting Your Roof From Summer Storms

Understanding the Elements – Protecting Your Roof From Summer Storms

The turbulent summer weather here in Middle Tennessee can wreak havoc on your roof. Extreme heat and humidity one day then punishing rainstorms the next can reduce the lifespan of your roof dramatically. Even the toughest materials will wear down eventually, and we, unfortunately, live in a very tough environment for roofs.

Luckily, you have a trusted, local professional that is ready to restore your roof should disaster strike and severely damage your roof. Fessler Home Improvement is the best in Murfreesboro and the Middle Tennessee area for emergency roof restoration. We understand the importance of keeping the elements where they belong and will work quickly to bring back the level of comfort and security you deserve.

Understand the Threat

Rain pouring down on a shingled roof
Understanding how storms affect your roof is key to understanding how to protect it. Every material and roof type, from asphalt shingles to metal, will feel the effects of our unpredictable summer weather throughout its lifespan. High winds can loosen the bindings and cause loss of shingles or even, in extreme cases, bend back large metal sheets. The high heat and humidity can cause shingles to become brittle and weak. Baking in the hot summer sun all day is far from the best environment for your roof, so you must understand that it will require regular maintenance.

Prepare Instead of Repair

The best way to help protect your roof in tough weather situations is making sure your roof is properly maintained. Regular inspections from a roofing professional can prove to be invaluable for the life of your roof. When inspecting your own roof, make sure to especially take a look at flashings and joints, as they are commonly vulnerable areas. Be sure to call a professional as soon as your find a potential penetration or other serious damage, as waiting can prove to be disastrous should a harsh storm occur.

React Quickly

Unfortunately, the elements are not really in our control, and they can severely damage your home and roof. If that does occur, reacting immediately can mean the difference between just minimizing the damage and needing an entirely new roof. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible once the weather has subsided. Once a professional roofer has assessed the damage and has a plan in place for making the repairs, you then must set up a time to actually begin the repairs. Your roof is there to keep the elements at bay, and the quicker we can restore your roof back to its full integrity, the quicker you will be able to get back to enjoying the comfort of your own home.

Do yourself a favor and stay on top of your roof maintenance. Preparation goes a long way in preventing the need for repairs. Call Fessler Home Improvement to schedule an appointment from a local roofing professional and have your roof inspected today!

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