Upgrade Your Home – Upgrade Your Value

Upgrade Your Home – Upgrade Your Value


There are countless ways to upgrade your home through remodeling. Unfortunately, large remodeling projects usually end up costing so much that the added value to the home isn’t always worth the initial investment. There are, however, some cost effective ways to increase the value of your home. Simple remodeling projects and easy upgrades are great ways to raise both the resale value and overall appeal of your home, without breaking the bank. You’ll be amazed to find that some small changes can yield big results in terms of changing the entire feel of a room.

If you do have a larger project in mind, remember the professionals at Fessler’s Home Improvement are here to help.

Reimagine a Room

People often assume that to increase the value of a home, you must increase the size of the home. Increasing the square footage of your home doesn’t necessarily correlate to a higher resale value. So instead of planning an addition to your home, perhaps you can add that extra bedroom or office without knocking any walls down. Refining a basement or attic (if they are large enough) costs considerably less than adding a completely new room. More and more people in the Middle Tennessee area starting to convert these converted spaces into livable areas that they rent out as rooms to prospective renters. So not only are you spending less on the project, you could potentially end up making money!

Build a Deck

The addition of a deck can pay off in many ways. Other than providing outdoor living space, prospective buyers tend to imagine decks as an extension of the home itself. Building a wooden deck is a very cost effective way to construct a large, multi-use outdoor living space and still collect an impressive return on investment. Wooden decks are also very customizable from a design standpoint, and can still provide a very stylish and pleasant addition to your home. This home improvement project not only provides you with a comfortable outdoor living area, but also a way to increase the value of your Murfreesboro home.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

While your house undoubtedly already has windows, chances are they are not certified energy efficient windows. These specialty windows can match the style of any home, all while providing protection from losing precious heat and cool air produced by your hard working air conditioning system. They are designed to eliminate drafts and heat loss, s not only are you adding new windows in general, but also they could potentially save you money on your power bill.

Your Local Home Improvement Professionals

Finding ways to increase the look and value of your home without spending a fortune is possible, you just have to know how to approach it. Fessler Home Improvement is ready to help with your next home improvement project. Call us today!

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