What to Do With that Room? Remodeling Ideas for Empty Nesters

What to Do With that Room? Remodeling Ideas for Empty Nesters

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It’s a big event when your youngest child moves out.  While he or she is embarking on a new adventure, you are left in a very empty house!  Some parents choose to leave their child’s room as is, because it provides a familiar place for your child to stay when he or she visits home.  However, a fresh look for this room can create a new feeling to your home, welcome change, and add value to your property.  Here are some fun remodeling ideas for your empty nest:

Create a Master Suite

Have you dreamed of a larger, more comfortable master bedroom? Depending on where your child’s room is in relation to yours, you may be able to tear down a wall or two to create one larger suite. This remodel can open up the room and create more space for a king-sized bed, walk-in closet, or luxury bathroom.  If you’re happy with your current master bedroom, a small-scale remodel can also be done to create a spacy, inviting guest room.

Design a Room Just for You

Consider using the extra space to design a room just for you and your hobbies, interests or passions! Think about the things you never had space to do before; and create a fun game room, office, art studio, gym, or dance studio that’s just for you.  You can remove the carpet and put in new flooring, add a skylight, put in a window, or install new lighting fixtures to give the room a brand new glow. You may also want to consider a sound system, new paint job, and furniture installations such as a desk or shelves to modernize the room.

If you already have a brilliant plan for what to do with the empty room, or are still browsing for ideas, call Fessler Home Improvement today. You can reach one of our friendly staff members at our Murfreesboro location by calling (888) 473-0630 for ideas or an estimate.

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